What are the 7 rights of medication administration?

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The 7 rights of medication administration are:

  1. Right client – Identification must be done by asking the patient to state his name and checking the identification band.
  2. Right Route – The physician is responsible for prescribing the route of administration. The choice of route is dependent on several factors (desired blood level, patient’s ability to swallow, and the disease/disorder being treated.
  3. Right Drug – This is done by checking both the generic and trade names and reviewing the physician’s order and patient’s diagnosis. If the information do not match the drug category, the nurse should further investigate the ordered medication.
  4. Right Amount – The nurse should know the common dosageĀ  for both adults and children.
  5. Right Time – Medication administration should be done 30 minutes before or after the assigned time.
  6. Right Documentation – This is done to prevent duplicating drug administration.
  7. Right to refuse treatment – The client has the right to refuse medication and/or treatment.

Source : NCLEX-RN Exam Prep

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